1. Which specific optimizations to do onsite to target relevant audience ?

In New Zealand there are 65% of people in age 15-45 range. (got from Wikipedia) and when looking the peoples charts in 2017, 2016 there are lot of teenagers in New Zealand as a university students.

I think I can build a site like https://www.newzealandinvestmentnetwork.co.nz/ by targeting mainly for teenagers. Like university students and there are lot of university students who seeking invests for their new innovations, and when I see this above site I saw their many of them have a good creative innovations ideas and most of that ideas can  do change in modern world. So my main target age is teenagers for this case.

And I’m going to design my site well like above site and doing a proper keyword research by using competitor analyze.

And I’ll check this given keywords competition rates and using low competition keywords + long tail + LSI keywords to create blog posts for the main site by adding blog option to it. And I’m going to attached a forum and login options to my site and giving the option to create posts for the users for their projects, their future hopes also get ideas. That options (blog + forum) will be also an advantage to people who seeking information about what’s actually can do with this site.

As I mentioned above in this blog section I can publish valuable blog  posts about creating projects, how to get investors to their projects, how to find a investor, and about best business plans, what kind of advantages can get investor by investing for these kind of great projects. When I’m creating that blog and forum posts I’ll using most targeted keywords inside of the posts and creating very important unique shareable contents. When creating my site I’ll using h1, h2, h3 tags for titles, creating highly targeted meta description,  posts interlinking ( without user distraction ), attractive first impression by showing key idea of the site, showing testimonials on first page, and using suitable pictures for main page posts, (using ALT tags also).


  1. What’s the offsite approach to promote our platform?

I’m going to use guest post with high quality articles and linking to my main site. And  I’m going to  contact the most authoritive site editors in New Zealand ask to publish highly targeting article with link to my website and promising to give a link to their site also. ( proper link exchange)  and getting and social bookmarking, creating attractive posts on other educational forums targeting on New Zealand basis. I’ll using some of New Zealand university help forums to publish posts about by mentioning about these fundraising programs and attaching link to my site with respectively. And I’m also  going to use public forums and publish about success stories by investing for projects, how to get fundraising for new innovations ( give motivation for the others)  in New Zealand based. And give one, two links to my main website for that articles.

And I will posts a article submission sites ( article base) and gives a link to my main site.


  1. Which SEO tasks will carry out for Google ranking.?

First I wanna give my sites visitor ( if he comes to my site for the first time) a good impression about my site. By doing that I can keep that visitor on my site for a long time period and reduce bouncing rate so much as a new site. And I wanna make my site loading time to minimal for give better user experience. For that I’ll using fast hosting service + https + cloudflare to my domain)

by reduce bouncing rate and keeping visitors on my site for a long period of time, I can send to google bot that my site content is very valuable to the readers and keeping that god quality for a long period , Google will rank my site using Rankbrain algo. As per my knowledge it’s more advance right now. Because it will decide that my site is more user friendly to users. And getting most readable blog posts + links from high authoritive site in New Zealand will be a good effect to my sites SEO positions (and I’m sure most of businessman’s using that kind of large authoritive sites every day to  read what’s new on business worlds. )


  1. Which creative SEO / social marketing activities to engage with founders, investors and improve the retention?

I’m going to create a social profiles based on ( in this incident New Zealand as my main country) Facebook, twitter, instagram etc. and using these profiles I’m going to create posts and share in New Zealand public groups, Private groups , educational forums and send the key message to the posts viewers about my site. And I’ll create testimonial videos for persons who success with my site and publish these videos in largest online video sharing platforms like YouTube, Reddit etc. and I’m going to share these testimonial videos on facebook page for my site and going to boost this videos using specific age range, country ( NZ) , and gender. And I’ll contact the most famous intenational pages in facebook and asking them nicely to post an advertisements about these success stories, and their innovations and their success with using my site.