Commercial Use


There are a number of ways Smartlife Care works to assist with aged care.  

Retirement Villages and Other Aged Care Facilities

Aged care providers who require a nurse call and resident lifestyle solution.

Aged Care Hardware Supplier

Providing Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) branded solutions with bespoke integrated hardware and software offerings to businesses with existing customers.

Why Smartlife Care

Research identified the need for:

  • A future proofed solution that connects  to the wave of IoT devices
  • A lower capital cost
  • Mitigation of  ongoing issues and risks in current hardware solutions
  • Passive non intrusive monitoring solution that informs family and carers
  • Reporting to save time, money and ensure proactive decisions
  • Ability to offer residents solutions that make their life easier such as lighting and environmental control

Aged Care facilities require:

  • A modern cloud based solution that mitigates the risk and cost of legacy hardware reliance on centralised systems
  • Improved coverage and receipt of messages to staff with issue escalation
  • Better resource management with a solution that saves the time spent checking battery levels and confirming system operation
  • A contemporary and flexible service offering that can provide benefits to the nurses and carers, the facility owners and residents
  • A new system that allows for a phased approach as each aged care residence gets renovated, lowering costs

Smartlife Care OEM

Smartlife Care for OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) aged care service providers and suppliers such as Hospitals, emergency services and equipment manufacturers may have older equipment and source a variety of hardware from different manufacturers. The Smartlife Care solution can be tailored and branded to other businesses needs and requirements.

Research identified businesses offering hardware to existing customers:

  • Want to offer innovative solutions that future proof their customers
  • Have a number of apps in market that confuse customers and want to consolidate
  • May have little knowledge about integrating their devices
  • Need to integrate their older hardware to stay relevant to their customer base

We are working with a number of national and international focused businesses with significant customer bases who want to utilise our technology.

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